Most days I’m a value investor.  I haven’t made any substantial adjustments to my core holdings in years, nor in recent days.

With my play money I’m on a playing hunches, whims, etc.  Today I sold half my remaining BCS at a loss (sold at $9.98 a share).  This is eating crow for me but it tasted good.  I’ll try to keep the 50 shares around for a half-arsed value play.  I closed the old call for pennies and wrote an SPY NOV 95 call for $500.

Note:  I’m not recommending any of these mad money actions!  I’m just sharing my experiences in real-time for the amusement of my readers (all 5 of you!).  Any recommendations I make can be identified  by these characteristics:  1) boring, 2) uses words like balanced/diversified, 3) adjustable asset allocation based on time-horizon and risk-tolerance, 4) low-cost (no load), and finally, 5) Did I mention boring?

Best Investing wishes for today!

P.S. Bottom line: “Mad money” Closing balance $20,602.

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